Class Descriptions

Physically, DWA is an excellent cardiovascular workout but more fun than aerobics
or even dancing in a club!  Mentally, you’ll leave the stresses of the outside world at the door when
you hit the dance floor.  Classes are so engaging that you’ll hardly realize have broken
into a serious sweat and you’re getting a great workout!! 

DWA Intro-Advanced Mixed Class

Starting January 5th 2016! 
Tues. 6-7pm and Thurs. 7-8pm

This class is tailored to adults who are new or old to DWA!

Class starts with simple sweaty steps. Fun routines are set to upbeat music and broken down step by step and then put together to form a complete choreography for each newsong.  By breaking down and repeating routines, you’ll master new dances with ease.  The more you come, the more fit you’ll be and the more fun you’ll have!

Class will finish with a song or two that will inspire you to keep coming back! Slightly more intricate choreography with little to no breakdown. 

If you pick up new choreography in a snap, and you love a real dance challenge, then this is the class for you!